Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

We've tried to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive.  Please give Dave a call if you can can't find the answer to your question - 216.292.8700.


I own a small business. Do I have to join an association like COSE to get group health insurance?
I need life insurance, not a savings plan. And, I want coverage for more than just ten or twenty years. Is there a way to get cost effective life insurance?
Is Long Term Care Insurance really Nursing Home Insurance?
I just lost my job. Do I have to take C.O.B.R.A?
Im hiring a nanny. Can I put her on my group health plan from work?
Why is my daughters school demanding that I purchase travel insurance before she studies in Europe next month?
My mother is almost 65. Will she have to buy a Medicare Supplement?
Does anyone really read these frequently asked question pages?