Disability Insurance


Take a minute to figure out exactly how far your monthly paycheck has to go:




Car Payments
Health Insurance
Other Obligations
Monthly Total


(Income protection needed)

Ask Yourself:

  • How would you meet your monthly obligations without your paycheck?
  • Would it be worth 2-3% of your income to make sure that what you have worked so hard to earn is protected?

What are your Potential Lost Earnings? Figure it out as shown below:


Your annual income   $ __________  
  X   __________ number of year to age 65 
  = $ __________ potential lost earnings



Now, What are your chances?

The odds of being hurt or sick for three months or longer are: 

       Changes of needing disability insurance                    instant_disability_quote.jpg

Click on any of the questions below to get the answers.  

When would I become eligible receive income protection benefits?
How long will my benefits last?
Are my benefits paid to me in addition to Worker's Compensation or Social Security?
What is the premium for this important protection?